The HUB South Shore listed as one of the best co-working spaces in Canada for 2017

Big congratulations to Matt, Dave and Tim for their success with the The Hub South Shore!

 Article Source: Nomad Capitalist- The best co-working spaces in Canada for 2017 by Marija Kovačević

February 24, 2017


Mahone Bay

If you are, by any chance, a fan of world-class sailing and boating then you should visit this little town named for the Mahone Bay and its 365 islands. Don’t be surprised if you hear a lot of German, because it was the main language spoken there for many years.

While tourism has been a foundation of the economy for several decades, in recent years Mahone Bay has focused on a new era of prosperity based on small business, arts & crafts communities and green initiatives. You can always enjoy and relax with their traditional folk art and folk music festivals and there is always a course or workshop available in creative writing, visual arts, dance or drama for creative minds.

The Hub South Shore
This co-working space compliments the charm and vibe of the city, with its cosy chairs, comfy couch areas, wooden floor, high ceilings and funky design. It features a very spacious shared office area, two soundproof phone rooms for video & conference calls where you can get some privacy, a meeting room, stand up work stations, a library, a kitchenette with snacks to keep you powered up and a deck with a sea view for relaxing in between.

The Hub has a very lively and loyal community where you can network and share ideas with like-minded people at their hosted events such as “ Healthy Eating for Busy People”, “The Start Up Life”, “Lightning Talks” and more.



Suite 204, 620 Nine Mile Drive, Bedford, NS


4171 Highway 3, Chester NS


11 Dominion Street, Bridgewater NS


7B Henry Hensey Dr., Liverpool NS


167 Water Street, Shelburne NS

Barrington Passage

3289 Highway 3, Barrington Passage NS