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Dalhousie University Student Spotlight: Mohamad Hariri

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Originally from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Mohamad Hariri is in his second year of the Bachelor of Commerce program, majoring in international business. He chose to attend Dalhousie due to its accreditation and the ability to obtain work experience through the co-op program.

Mohamad is in the midst of completing his first work term as Accounting Technician at AC Belliveau Veinotte, an accounting firm located in Bedford. “They are a medium-sized firm with six different offices located in Halifax and southwest Nova Scotia. They do all types of accounting work for clients and personalize it to their specific goals.” He was intrigued to learn more about the company, as they have a unique environment due to their size. “The culture of doing things is very hands-on but very diverse.”

Job searching during the COVID-19 pandemic certainly comes with its challenges. Mohamad knew that he was going to have to focus and put in a little extra effort in his job search, and understood that MCS would help in whatever way they could. “I faced a lot of challenges when I was initially job searching. One of the biggest challenges was trying to find a co-op during these trying times. One of the ways I overcame this was to reach out to MCS and have meetings about what I can do better to be more successful in my job search. That benefitted me greatly as I started to get more interviews with their advice.”

Mohamad also accredits landing his position to his networking skills, noting that it is important to use connections you already have to make yourself known. “I did reach out and start networking for this co-op. Another co-op student and excellent friend helped me connect with this firm, which was very beneficial.”

The journey that comes with attaining your first work term position can be stressful as this, for many co-op students, is their first experience working in a field of their interest. Mohamad’s advice for students working towards securing their co-op term is to “use all the resources Dal has to offer, especially Management Career Services. They have the experience and know-how to help you get a job. From resume writing to interview preparation, they support you. They help make the journey of finding a job more manageable.”

Mohamad is eager about what’s to come during the rest of his first work term, and when asked what he is most looking forward to, he replied, “I am most excited to gain experience, new opportunities and learn from my co-op. I am also very excited to learn and grow these skills to benefit me personally, professionally, and financially. I am looking forward to a collaborative, team-focused culture, opportunities to learn and develop my skills, and a chance to learn more leadership skills over time.”

Mohamad’s advice for you:

Meet with your MCS Career and Recruitment Specialist to go over your goals and how to work toward attaining them.

  • Network and reach out to as many people as you can.

  • Take advice from others.

  • Engage in a strong support system from family and friends.

Pronouns: He/Him

More from Mohamad:

Instagram: @Mo.Hariri

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